Welcome to the Chair of Brewing and Beverage Technology

The chair of brewing and beverage technology got re-occupied since 1.4.2009, combining now the previous chairs “brewery technology I” and “brewery technology II”. Additional, the experimental and training brewery is located within its area of responsibility.

The chair set the goal to accompany the new challenges of a modern food production with scientific impulses. Focus is placed on vegetable raw materials and its process engineering and biotechnological processing. Needless to say, that the work with beverages or beer are in the foreground, we see our work particularly methodologically oriented and thus independent of the respective final product. Therefore, cereal/bakery products, artificial tissues or ulterior food systems are considered as well.

We intend, with a scientific demand, to transfer our developed findings in an application oriented relation in such a way that the affected industries gather a direct benefit from it, and hopefully – even if not always instantly – feel it monetarily. Thereby we try to find the balancing act in language, thinking and action between science and the innovative spirit of enterprise, what has always been an easy task for us. We would be delighted if we were a co-operation partner also for you, to promote your innovations, and accordingly to solve existing problems.

That concerns not only research, but certainly similarly teaching. Based on proven and established methods, we want to focus the contents as well as the teaching strategies steadily on the new challenges and opportunities. Just with excellently educated graduates, both, the economy as well as the science can keep pace in international comparison and can advance sustainable innovations.