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IDOLON - Fractal Image Analysis

Roland Kraft, Josef Kauer, Nikolaus Meier
Munich University of Technology - Weihenstephan
Department of Agricultural and Horticultural Sciences
Mathematics, Statistics and Data Processing Institute
D-85350 Freising / Germany
Phone: (+ 49)-(0)8161-713727, Fax: (+49)-(0)8161-714409



The image processor IDOLON is a software tool to perform fractal image analysis on digitized images. It presents a new approach for pattern recognition and texture analysis in image processing.

The program contains the box counting procedure for binary images, the 2D variation procedure for binary and greyscale images and the triangular prism surface area procedure for greyscale images. Analysis can be performed both for the entire image and for parts of the image. IDOLON has a graphical user interface, which makes it easy for a specialist scientist to execute image analysis for his own needs. Due to different conversion programs nearly any arbitrary file formats can be transformed to the IDOLON specific tagged file format (TFF).

The estimates for the fractal dimension are parameters to quantify textural information and can be taken to supply classification problems.

There is also a Self extracting Postscript Version (1.2 MB) of this article.

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R. Kraft